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Press, "Wu Deng Hui Yuan" Volume 10 Pure Land, but Zheng Zhang times contains the public case: "Master Jiufeng Shao tasted a guest in the courtyard, and will lie down overnight. The teacher invited and said: "The moonlight is like this. Several people? "Fengweiwei is only." (Zhonghua Book Company) The contexts recorded are the same, except that Dongpo's writing is very beautiful. However, Zen Master Zheng died in the first year of Huangyou (1049), Dongpo was only fourteen years old, and "Wu Deng Hui Yuan" was a Southern Song book, and Dong Po could not see it ("Hui Yuan" according to "Jing Depowerball probability formula Chuan Deng Lu" , "Tiansheng Guangdenglu", without this section), is the similarity of the two things, or coincidentally coincidentally, not because it is the same.

Tiku believes that the government is in a dilemma. If we continue to reduce the production of industrial oxygen, it will affect the manufacturing and production in many fields; and if the needs of the hospital cannot be met, it will lead to patients' lives in danger.

Srikant Goda, a farmer in Narur Village, said that in order to solve the problem of monkey damage, he tried to put toys in the field to scare the monkeys, but when the color of the toys faded due to the sun, the monkeys ran back again. , Continue to spoil the crops.

The local lottery agency was very anxious for the delay in claiming the $63 million prize. "It is extremely rare that such a big prize is still unattended 90 days after it was paid out." The spokesperson Alex Chaviso also said, "Before, our staff had been to the lottery ticket sellers. Store, and checked the surveillance video, hoping to find the winner, but in the end it did not happen."

She checked a piece of paper in the office of the Royal Post Office in Glasgow, and she planned to let Kelly use the money to make his and Johnson's lives more comfortable.

3,52 and Powerball 20. PowerPlay multiplier 5. The lottery numbers for Saturday night arpowerball probability formulae 7, 17, 29, 43, 51 and Powerball 38. PowerPlay multiplier 2. The lottery numbers on Saturday night are 7, 21, 32, 44.

It could not have come at a better time for one lucky American woman. Tamara Hee of New York recently saw her employer reduce her hours. This meant that she lost her employer medical benefits and had to take on a second job. Mrs Hee, a qualified accountant, opted for a second job at a deli shop. Like many Americans, she worried how the next few years would play out. Yet following her health benefit loss, Mrs Hee went from anxious to delighted as she won a cool $1.1m (£880,000 approx) on the Jersey 5 lottery game.