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Good job! The Doberman was bitten and killed to protect his owner from fighting withkerala lottery guessing fb a cobra. Four cobras came from Mr. Rita's house in the Jajpati district of Orissa, East India, and tried to enter their home. The loyal Doberman rushed to stop the fight with the poisonous snake. The owner and the family were guaranteed safety, but the heroic Doberman Bitten by a cobra and injected with venom, he died within a few minutes. Cobra was also injured and ran away. Mr. Rita paid tribute to his brave Doberman, "I am shocked. He made the greatest sacrifice for me and my family," "I will remember him until we die. I pray that God will let its soul rest in peace. Right." The owner put a wreath for the dog and prepared a funeral ceremony.

A high mountain glacier in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand broke on the morning of the 7th and triggered a flash flood, which destroyed a hydroelectric power station, leaving 125 people unaccounted for. Reuters reported that as of later that day, the remains of seven victims had been found. Om Prakash, the chief secretary of Uttarakhand, said the death toll could reach 100 to 150.

In March 1987, the Irish National Lottery was issued for the first time, and the first listed lottery was an instant lottery.

It has been a bit quiet lately for Indian wins on all three of the Dubai Lottery draws (the Millenium Millionaire cash lottery, the Finest Car and the Finest Bike), held in Dubai International Airport, but the draws on January 21st have changed that and made two Indians very happy indeed. On Series MM321 51-year-old Mohammed A.K, who is based in Abu Dhabi, took the top prize of US$1 million (about Rs 71.2766) with his winning ticket number of 3644. Mohammed works for a construction company as a technical manager and has lived in the UAE for more than 20 years.

According to reports, the American Milwaukee man Avery Mitchell bought five US$2 crossword scratch-off lottery tickets on July 20. What is pleasantly surprised is that two of the lottery tickets won prizes with a total of US$2,000 in prize money.

The ticket, the ticket number is BR 75 TB 173964. After deducting taxes, he is expected to receive Rs 756 crore. The Kerala Lottery Department announced the results of the Thiruvonam Bumper BR-75 lottery on Sunday. The second prize of 10kerala lottery guessing fb million rupees is for six people, and the ticket number is: TA 738408, T

If ps is divided into the total number of times, the average value of the number of hops will be displayed. The added detailed result includes 2 decimal places and does not help to display any possible immediately available values ​​in the number. In the next few hours, the same results obtained through calculations all showed the same numbers.